At Brain Thought, we see each idea as an oppotunity, and we're dedicated to learning and growing with each project we take on. With over two decades of experience in the graphic design field, we take pride in our journey. We've had the opportunity to work on over 50 published games, earning recognition from our peers and honored with some of the most prestigious awards in our field.

Take a look at a sample of our work, and see how we can support you on your journey, one idea at a time.

Project Type:

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Published by:
Dias Ex Machina

About the Project:

Innovative solutions and thematic commitment brought the Okanagan Wine Country to life in Naramata, creating an unforgettable board game experience.

Naramata invites players to become tour guides in Canada's Okanagan Valley wine region. But the game's charm goes beyond strategy, thanks to the design vision we helped provide.

Description of Work:

Design for the player's thematic car-shapped meepels, cork-shapped day tracker, and wine bottle pieces. Box and punchboard layout, additional layout for the gameboard and rule book, localization for spanish and german rulebooks, and 3D renders of the game for assets and marketing.

Published by:
BGB Publishing

About the Project:

Barnyard, a charming 'bifold game' game published by BGB Publishing, that whisks players away to a vibrant farmyard adventure! But the magic extends beyond the engaging gameplay, thanks to the captivating artwork and graphic design.

Crafted whimsical characters - hardworking farmers and adorable animals brimming with personality. Each illustration, from the playful card art to the inviting rulebook layout, bursts with charm, immersing players in the barnyard setting.

Description of Work:

Illustration work for the cards and rulebook, as well as all graphic design and layout work for the cards, rule book, and playmat. Additional promotional assets were provided for social media promotion.

Bigfoot: Roll & Smash
Published by:
XYZ Game Labs

About the Project:

Hold onto your helmets! Bigfoot: Roll & Smash, and the MODS Expansion, roars onto the scene, fueled in part by our contributions to this project!

The challenge? Capturing the monstrous mayhem of monster trucks in a board game. We answered with immersive visuals, putting players in the driver's seat.

Description of Work:

Spot illustration of various icons, symbols, and vehicle logos scattered throughout the game. Illustration of the scoreboard, obstacle, ramp, obstacle and hazard tiles. Layout of punchboards as well as additional graphic design provided on the player boards. Graphic design and layout services also provided for the box back and timeline flap.


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