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Client Name Withheld

About the Project:

When designing a board game leftover components due to production sometimes lead to leftover pieces that often end up discarded. This is where the initial idea for L'Enfant was born. L'Enfant (named for the first architect of the city of Washington DC) was an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that invited curious players to follow clues that start with the packing waste of another game.

After scanning two QR codes that were originally found on punchboard scrap, players would then find a series of clues that lead them across the internet from cryptic images, to message boards, and even Soundcloud, in an attempt to find the answer to L'Enfant.

The concept of L'Enfant was to add more value to a game and brand, while promoting future products with with little change to mostly developed product while adding no additional physical items, and not raising initial production cost.

Description of Work:

Designed and developed gameplay from concept through implementation creating clues, puzzles, and ciphers as well as 'end-points' and outlining possible continuations.

Client Name Withheld

About the Project:

[This game is ongoing, so information has to remain limited and redacted.] An enigmatic chess master has gone missing. Using a pack of cards and following the clues, can you find out what happened?

Using community-driven message board postings and innocuous additions to related print media in early 2022, players were inducted into the game that tells the story of  [REDACTED] , renowned chess master and known reclusive who was last seen "in the area" only a few months before. As players work to unlock the clues hidden on social media, and across a bi-weekly printed medium they would uncover that more is going on than meets the eye. How did a chess master get involved with poker players? Who is this  [REDACTED]  that seems to hold all the cards?

Description of Work:

Design and development of gameplay from initial concept and branding requested by client. Implementation of starting clues and puzzles, as well as design of game assets (cards, flyers, etc.).


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