Welcome to the Stowage page on Brain Thought's website! This is where we've decided to stash all of the old content from our early days as a website. Back then, we were known as "The Eccelectician" and our focus was on creating how-to guides and flash games. Over time, our website evolved into an entertainment portal and then a blog, but eventually all of that content was abandoned and left to collect dust.

But we didn't want to simply throw all of that old content away. Instead, we've compiled it here in the Stowage page so that anyone interested can take a trip down memory lane and see what we were up to back in the day. Keep in mind, however, that some of this content may no longer be functional due to updates in technology. But we still wanted to provide access to it for anyone who might be interested in seeing how we got our start. Enjoy exploring the Stowage page, and we hope you find something interesting!


We've sorted this content into the following sections:
• Games - Games, of various kinds, developed by us over the years.
• The Backup Disk - Software we've written, or approximations.
• Floatsam Cove - Miscellaneous content that don't quite group anywhere else.

Mission Accomplished - Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ G. W. Bush - HTML5
Feed - Flash Game
MacSlots - Flash Game
Discreto Granny-Toh - Flash Game
The Cookie of Fortune
The Backup Disk
Calendar Converter v.2c
Floatsam Cove
Ben's Mom's Lasagna Recipie
The Select-O-Matic!
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