Brain Thought has existed, in one form or another, since 1996. Back then, our web site was known as 'The Eccletician' and was mainly how-to guides and Flash games. From there, the site grew into an entertainment portal, then more of a blog, then kind of fell into disrepair for a few years, then became our company website. Still, parts of the site were popular and people found them entertaining.

In an effort to provide this 'abandoned content' we have posted some select pieces here as well as content that doesn't really fit into the rest of our site. Pieces may brake when you try to use certain bits, or they may now do something entirely different, but we wanted to allow access to this content, so they could still be used and enjoyed.


We've sorted this content into the following sections:
• Games - Games, of various kinds, developed by us over the years.
• The Backup Disk - Software we've written, or approximations.
• Floatsam Cove - Miscellaneous content that don't quite group anywhere else.

Mission Accomplished - Rock, Paper, Scissors w/ G. W. Bush - HTML5
Feed - Flash Game
MacSlots - Flash Game
Discreto Granny-Toh - Flash Game
The Cookie of Fortune
The Backup Disk
Calendar Converter v.2c
Floatsam Cove
Ben's Mom's Lasagna Recipie
The Select-O-Matic!
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