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Created in the early 2000's, MacSlots was essentially a slot machine game, designed around the iconic Apple™ Macintosh™ and the iconography of Apple's "System 6" operating system. The game allowed users to use a 'virtual currency' system, The Eccmar, which could be spent to access more content - as part of Brain Thought's now defunct entertainment portal. The app was designed in Flash, and as such is long defunct.
Any Eccmars that players had accrewed would automatically be loaded into the upper right box, and then players could click "Bet" up to 5 times, each time adding 5 Eccmars to their bet. Or, a player could click spin, which would cause the three displays of icons to cycle thought. Then, just like in a real slot machine, if sets of icons aligned behind the bars show, players would be rewarded with extra points. The balance of wins to losses was slightly balanced in favor of the players, to allow MacSlots to act as an easy way to earn Eccmar and access more of the site.

Below is an image of what the game looked like while still in development, as a dollar symbol was still used where the later Eccmar symbol was used.


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