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In 2004, a weird convergance of holiday photos and clip-art hats occured and Discreto Granny-Toh was born. This little time-waster allowed you to dress up a grandmother in silly costumes, and was designed for no other reason but to be silly ... but then it went viral. The "Email a Friend" function, at it's peak, saw over 20,000 emails being sent world-wide in a single month, around 2005. Unfortunately all that was written in Flash, which is long since discontinued. Below is a screen shot of the app, from it's early days while we were still adding costumes and disguises.


The image depicts an image of an elderly lady. To the right of the image is a selection of buttons that are labled 'hats', 'beards', 'glasses', and so on. Those buttons signify what palette is open, and on the palette currently selected is 'beards', which shows several hand-drawn pieces of facial hair. The image of the elderly lady had a drawn 'pope hat' and long-curly moustache superimposed on top of the image.

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