Welcome to our storage page. This is where we've decided to stash all of the old content from our early days as a website. Starting around 1994, we were known as "The Eccelectician" and our focus was on creating how-to guides and flash games. Over time, our website evolved into an entertainment portal, but eventually all of that content left to collect dust, as we moved on.

But we didn't want to simply delete all of that old content. Instead, we've compiled what we could and moved it here into storage so that anyone interested can look back at our history. Keep in mind however, that a lot of this content stopped working as tecnology moved forward over the years. But we still wanted to provide access to it for anyone who might be interested in seeing how Brain Thought start over a quarter century ago.



A partial record of games from our early days.

Mission Accomplished
Memo Note Hockey
Discreto Granny-Toh
The Cookie of Fortune

The Backup Disk:

Some very old projects we've worked on:

Calendar Converter v.2c
Tourism Kiosks

Odds and Ends

A few oddities that didn't fit anywhere else, but were popular at one point.

Ben's Mom's Lasagna Recipie
The Select-O-Matic!

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