The Company Store

The Company Store is a place where you can buy our merch from various sources, throw some tip money at us, or just click over and show some love to people we work with.


Use the links and what-nots, on the right, to get to the things they link to.


We've sorted this content into the following sections:

• Our Redbubble Store - Shirts, skirts, throw pillows and homegoods from RedBubble, all emblazed with our artwork.

• The Tip Jar - Like what we do, we accept tips.

• Clients - Spend some money with people that pay us at times.

Our RedBubble Store
Brain Thought Company Store by RedBubble
The Tip Jar
At some point this will be tied to a Patreon or something. For now, use the Contact Us form and we'll get back to you.
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